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Philips 5000 Series Men's Electric Shaver

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Quick Overview

The rotary head that moves in 5 directions makes close contact with the ups and downs of the face for quick shaving.Equipped with an automatic polishing system that always provides a sharp shaving taste.By adding foam and gel, you can make the bath shave even more gentle on the skin.

Philips 5000 Series Men's Electric Shaver


  • Color: Black/White Entry model with gentleness and deep shaving
  • Size: Height 16.4 x Width 6.1 x Depth 6.7 cm
  • Power: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz (for overseas use)
  • Accessories: Charging adapter, trimmer, storage case, stand, instruction manual, purchase certificate (for global warranty)
  • Smooth and smooth shaving with rounded edges Comfortable shaving both wet and dry. The rounded head comfort-cut blade protects the skin and provides smooth shaving.
  • Supports comfortable dry shaving and refreshing wet shaving. Supports both dry shaving and wet shaving (bath shave). (Waterproof specification: IPX7 standard) Choose either quick and comfortable dry shaving or wet shaving with gel or foam, whichever you like.
  • Head moves freely in 5 directions for quick deep shaving. The head, which can move independently in 5 directions, comes into close contact with the skin and allows quick shaving even on the neck or chin. You can shave for about 40 minutes by charging for about 1 hour. Works only in cordless mode.
  • 1-stage charge remaining amount display, display with lock function, various information such as 1-stage charge remaining amount display, charge reminder display, lock display is displayed.
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