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Panasonic hair clipper

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Quick Overview

Ear circumference & natural attachment" that can easily cut the ear circumference "Water through cleaning" that is easy and clean to remove debris
Clean, stylish design

Panasonic hair clipper


  • Easy to cut around the ear and clean hair.
  • Easy to cut around the ear "Ear and Natural Attachment *1" Easy and natural cut around the ear. Just brush your hair to create a natural and light volume.
  • Slide attachment Just slide the attachment and select the length to get the hair style you want. 20~40mm / 50~70mm/3 steps switchable.
  • Skip for attachment Steps on the surface of attachments and hair volume adjustment (volume reduction). The tip of the hair and the outline are light and refreshing.
  • Cut height attachment Crop and cut with a desired length.
  • Easy and clean cleaning without removing the blade & easy cleaning with water "Water through cleaning" Just by sliding the water through shutter, you can wash with water without removing the blade. It's clean because you can clean hair dust without any hassle.
  • A sharp 45° sharp-edged blade gives a beautiful finish. The tip of the movable blade is a 45° sharp-edged blade, resulting in a sharp and clean finish.
  • Convenient charging/AC system, easy to cut at your favorite place
  • Washable with water*2*1 When setting to “ear”, the standard length of hair that can be cut is 20-40 mm. *2 AC adapter is excluded. With the AC type, never wash with water or use it in a bath or shower room.
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